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Popular Topics

David Smith is a conference speaker for men’s ministry, business prayer breakfast and other faith based events. His presentations are biblically based and focus upon practical issues we must deal with in our daily lives.

Popular topics include:

  • “Who’s Got Your Back?”
  • “Rethinking Leadership”
  • “Linebacker Living”
  • “These Are The Good Old Days”
  • “Good Guys Finish First”
  • “Finishing Well in the Fourth Quarter”

New Book

David has authored several books including his most recent,  Who’s Got Your Back? A large majority of men will answer, “No one” to the question in the book’s title. Not many men have close friends in the sense that women do. Most try to maintain an independent and strong image even though such a life style contributes to superficial and unsatisfying relationships. Men get use to living without friends of the heart and instead pass their time with buddies, friends of the road, good for a laugh and a drink but not much else. These are friends with whom men play golf or work with and always limit conversation to safe subjects. Unexpectedly even the church is a place where men are usually alone together. Men don’t have friends. They wander their world alone and they are the poorer for it. It doesn’t need to be this way.This new book published by CrossLink and David’s men’s retreat on this important relationship topic consider the problem and look at biblical ideas about friendship that can change all that.

Key Idea

It’s all about forming positive, meaningful and spiritual connections: A great indicator of both spiritual and physical health is how well we are connected to others. This is true with our relationships at work, at home and in our communities. We can rethink relationships from a biblical perspective and as a result lead more satisfying and productive lives.

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